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Lazy girls guide to fitness

I am the ultimate lazy person. I didn’t participate in any exercise related activity for most of my adult life. I considered myself cool and counter-culture. But then two things changed:
• The first was getting engaged a few years back. A motivator like no girl has experienced before. Hard to ignore a deadline, especially once it’s hit the letter press.


Burn baby burn

If you’ve spent anytime as a mall walker in America, you’ve likely experienced the accost on your sensory system that is walking past a Yankee Candle.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Part I

Touching down for the first time in most Asian cities has proven to be sensory overload for my quiet existence. I love the authenticity of this brand of hustle + bustle but soon find myself exhausted from the energy around me. I like to treat the first destination on a multi-stop journey as an opportunity to acclimate.

Drink, Eat, Go, Sleep, Travel

Siem Reap, Cambodia – Part III

Siem Reap is teeming with tourists. It’s hard to gauge the disposition of the life here withOUT being a major tourist destination. This city is the gateway for temple adventures. The tuktuk drivers are just chomping at the bit to take you on a temple tour. I’m pretty vocal about not loving a tourist attraction, like ever.


Square Eyes

In an attempt to look at the bright side of 2017 – how good is television these days? Don’t get me wrong – I make time for plenty of crap stuff too. But the quality of the shows on offer today is some of the best of all time. I’m talking incredible writing, riveting storylines, hella good acting, etc.