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If you’ve spent anytime as a mall walker in America, you’ve likely experienced the accost on your sensory system that is walking past a Yankee Candle. Your nose lets you know you’re approaching the store long before your eyes do – it’s that mashup of gingerbread latte, vanilla-y, floral, cucumber + melon madness. It’s given scented candles a bad reputation for long enough.

Here at Hinesighted, we love a GOOD scented candle moment. They help set the mood, can bring on a sense of calm concentration, and even transport you to a hinoki soaking tub. But not just any candle will do. For our round-up, we sampled a wide range of scents and price points. Do you have a candle that transports you? Leave a comment below so we can check it out.

Here are a few that we’re loving at the moment:

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Candle
Top Notes: Sweet and vegetal.
Inspiration: “The lavender herb is valued for its wonderful relaxing scent that’s soothing and is believed to relieve fatigue.”
Smells Like: Not quite lavender, but a nice mash-up of lavender and orange peels. Neither note hits you over the head.
Pros: If you have just made fish in your home, light this candle and eau de poison will be gone. At $6.99, this candle is the biggest bang for your buck in our round up.
Cons: Your home smells like you just washed your hands with Mrs. Meyer’s lavender hand soap. That’s not a bad thing, but the generic smell is uninspired.
Afterlife: The jar makes a great container for a breakfast yogurt parfait.
Add to Cart: Mrs Meyers Lavender Candle

Empire Apothecary Rosemary Citrus
Top Notes: Rosemary and grapefruit
Inspiration: “Hand poured in Brooklyn and offers a mellow, herbal base note, brightened by ripe grapefruit.”
Smells Like: Smokey orange. Once this bad boy gets going, it produces a mellow, subdued scent that does not hit you over the head. Perfect for a rainy day when you want to curl up with a book on your couch.
Pros: Gives off a total masculine vibe without screaming Axe Body Spray.
Cons: The candle has wooden wick (think coffee stir stick) which can be difficult to light after repeated use.
Afterlife: The brown apothecary glass would look handsome filled with small rocks and topped with a succulent on your desk.
Add to Cart: Empire Apothecary Rosemary Citrus Candle

Norden Øresund
Top Notes: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Ambrette Seed
Inspiration: “The scent is reminiscent of crackling wood, pine needles, and the sweet smell of the forest. Base notes of cedar and balsam fir are accented by light, fresh grapefruit, and the deep, earthy musk of ambrette seed to round everything out.”
Smells Like: Nothing. I was burning it in the mountains of Pennsylvania, so I’ll go with clean mountain air.
Pros: The vessel is black speckle earth ware with a terra-cotta glaze.
Cons: This candle doesn’t really give off much scent. I appreciate subtle, but this ‘scented’ candle is a fail.
Afterlife: It will look great on your desk filled with Muji pens and a letter opener.
Add to Cart: Norden Öresund Candle

Monocle Scented Candle One: Hinoki
Top Notes:
Inspiration: “Perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning spent soaking in an indoor/outdoor tub in Kyoto. It is reminiscent of the moss and trees outside and the sharp notes of the boxy hinoki tub.”
Smells Like: Heaven. This is your go do to create a mellow work place vibe and mood. Do not waste precious wax on trying to cover up the scent of fried chicken. Burn this when it has nothing to compete with and can shine on its own.
Pros: The scent.
Cons: The price. Coming in at $85, this is a splurge. But just think, every time you light it, you are transported to a boxy hinoki tub. And that is much cheaper than a flight to Tokyo.
Afterlife: The matte black vessel would look handsome cradling a single white peony.
Add to Cart Monocle Candle One: Hinoki

La Lumière Candle
Top Notes: Soft ground spice (clove), leather, amber, burnt cedar wood, labdanum tree
Inspiration: “The warm beauty of Golden Age and the flickering light of early Lumière Brothers films.”
Pros: When not lit, you get a subtle spice scent from the wax. Keeps with the theme of capturing a subtle masculine scent.
Cons: Best bet is to pick one up in person next time you are in Australia
Afterlife: The amber drinking glass will upgrade your usual weeknight cocktail.
Add to Cart: La Lumiere Candle

Goop – Edition 01.
Top Notes: Smokey, Cypress and Frankincense
Inspiration: “A scent of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet.”
Smells like: Like walking into an old church or ya know…consciously uncoupling with all your worries.
Pros: Though subtle, can still be smelled unlit.
Cons: The cost. Be we predict this will still be the least expensive item on the goop 2017 holiday gift guide.
Afterlife: Plant some basil in this moody black jar and give your windowsill some attitude.
Add to Cart: Goop 01 Candle

Mud – 02.
Top Notes: Cedar, Leather, Amber
Inspiration: “A warm amber and deep woofs effect”.
Pros: the minimalist smooth ceramic texture that is Mud’s signature.
Cons: Another splurge. The hardest part is selecting your colour.
Afterlife: Your toothbrush has never looked better in it’s new home on your bathroom sink.
Add to Cart: Mud 02 Candle

Happy Burning!

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