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Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Part I

Touching down for the first time in most Asian cities has proven to be sensory overload for my quiet existence. I love the authenticity of this brand of hustle + bustle but soon find myself exhausted from the energy around me. I like to treat the first destination on a multi-stop journey as an opportunity to acclimate.

Drink, Eat, Go, Sleep, Travel

Otres Beach, Cambodia – Part IV

Take me to the beach! Adam’s a pretty clever guy. He knows that if he’s going to take this introvert flashpacking – there needs to be some peace and quiet at the end to recharge batteries. Even if it’s just a couple of days. The goal js to make it feel like a mini honeymoon after the chaos of wedding, travel planning and executing.

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24 Hours in Australia’s Capital

We visited Canberra for a weekend back in 2011 and walked away wondering how the heck the capital city could be such an average, yawnfest. Fast forward five years, and we’re back. And boy are we glad, because this time we fell in love. Hard.
In one two words, HotelHotel. We hear there’s a QT down the road. We don’t even care.

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Wheels Up: Madrid

When you clock out of the office for the last time before a week’s holiday, you feel like you have an eternity before you have to deal with emails and deadlines again.

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After a great trip, my friends and I often exchange emails with DO NOT MISS items we found in our travels. We talk longingly of an App where we can share these hot tips with ease, rather than trying to dig up an old email that a friends colleague sent after their amazing time in some small town in the South of France. That they just can’t quite recall, but had the best croissant at a bakery.