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Lazy girls guide to fitness

I am the ultimate lazy person. I didn’t participate in any exercise related activity for most of my adult life. I considered myself cool and counter-culture. But then two things changed:
• The first was getting engaged a few years back. A motivator like no girl has experienced before. Hard to ignore a deadline, especially once it’s hit the letter press.

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Kampot + Kep, Cambodia – Part V

Kampot, where we based ourselves is a strange little town. Or so it seemed when we arrived just after midday. The sun was hot, the streets were quiet-ish, and the atmosphere was hard to establish. But the draw here was the quaint riverside and the promise of the best Crab feast of my life.
We stayed at Rikki Tikki Tavi.

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Battambang, Cambodia – Part II

Battambang is a town just on the cusp of development, you can feel growth in the air. It’s located between (with a slight detour) the city life of Phnom Penh and the sights of Siem Reap. It’s a quaint country town, that for us, was simply an overnight stopover.

Snow Lepard


Dear fellow grownups,
You probably thought your days of packing an overnight bag for something other than a business trip were long gone. Wrong. Slumber parties are alive and well! And this particular brilliance involves a sleepover at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.
Let’s talk about what’s likeable about a Zoo. The Animals. Especially baby ones. I even like the semi-gross/dirty/natural smell of them.