Sleep, Wants

Lazy girls guide to fitness

I am the ultimate lazy person. I didn’t participate in any exercise related activity for most of my adult life. I considered myself cool and counter-culture. But then two things changed:
• The first was getting engaged a few years back. A motivator like no girl has experienced before. Hard to ignore a deadline, especially once it’s hit the letter press.


Burn baby burn

If you’ve spent anytime as a mall walker in America, you’ve likely experienced the accost on your sensory system that is walking past a Yankee Candle.


Game your way into calm

Elegant. An engaging narrative. Visually stunning. A soundtrack that could have been composed by Air. Is this some new indie film starring Tilda Swinton? Not quite. We’re describing a “gaming experience” (note the quotes, we don’t know what else to call this). It is Monument Valley.


Madrid: What to Bring Home

Nothing quite says “I missed you/Thanks for holding down the fort while I was gone/ Sorry I’m not sorry I had the best time on my vacation” like a well chosen souvenir.


The Gift of Music

As kids, we would try (and often desperately fail) to be as cool as our older siblings.  One area where we could mimic their efforts was in the mix-tape game.  The art of penmanship and spatial planning was key to fitting all the track titles within those small unforgiving lines.
Fast forward a few years and we were now licensed drivers.



You know those people you see boarding airplanes that have zero bags, just the current issue of Vanity Fair under their arm.



I’m what you might call perfume-phobic. I think I like the smell of some gorgeous looking bottle, so I give myself one little modest spray. Fast forward 15-minutes (plus a near-migraine) and I can’t escape myself, hightailing it to the sink, scrubbing my wrists raw. This scenario gets repeated just about every month.