Hello, My Name is

Nicole Hines

Reader of Books, Traveller of Globe, Wanter of Things

Welcome to my new home in the (likely) comfort of your handheld device. Or on your wrist. Or maybe in the space between your eyeballs and spectacles. What year is this now?

Age: 30 31
Country of Origin: USA
Current Location: Sydney
Coffee or Tea: Both!

But enough with the small talk. Let’s get personal, and quick. I’ll go first:

You know those people that are up for anything (last minute concerts, skinny dipping at midnight, impromptu dance parties, skydiving). They love an adventure and come from a place of HELL YES!

….Yeah, I’m not that girl. The idea of doing anything with people other than myself requires mental preparation (except for you guys of course, duh). Even RSVPing “yes” to invitations makes my eyelids heavy and I start to worry that my couch might feel abandoned by me. I consider myself less Adventurous, more Adventure-ish.

But then I married a travel enthusiast. Since our worlds collided, I’ve tried to embrace every opportunity. Because love. But life and relationships are about compromise. So while he’s mountain biking down a volcano, I might be furiously identifying every restaurant in a 10-mile radius to make the most informed decision about drinks, dinner, dessert, and one last glass of wine for the road. What you can expect to find here is what I’d call the reluctant travellers guide. The “if I can’t stay home, warm + cozy, with a hot steaming mug of goodness and my book”, well then this is where I found happiness.

Hinesighted is about sharing a slice of life my way. Enjoy!

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