Fly Bye: The Most Productive 22 Hours Of Your Life

This is my third flight to Australia. That nearly makes me a pro at long-haul flights. A trip to Sydney from NYC will set you back 22 hours. That travel time is cringe-worthy for many people. Me, I savor it: When was the last time you got that many uninterrupted hours to yourself? Probably never. Here is how to make the most of your time.

Make A Plan

What do you want to get done? For an endeavor like this, you need a game plan. I made a list of all the dream projects I wanted to do. Sure, some of these could have happened while I’m at home, but my time in the city is dominated by distractions, running around seeing friends, grabbing a drink, or hitting a museum. Top of my list: I’ve been wanting to up my instagram game (follow me! @heathbrockwell) and have a ton of pics on my hard drive that will earn a double tap or two. I’m also writing this post (and others) from 38,000 feet. Did I mention the flight attendant just came by with orange hibiscus water? And that will be followed up by a nice selection of wines. That does not happen in an office space.

Do Your Research

And by research I’m talking about inflight entertainment. Check your carriers website for what movies they will be showing. Seen them all? Download something on your device. You have full permission to binge. Been wanting to really soak in the xx’s catalog ( Make sure you save it to your hard drive before getting to the airport. Same goes for any audio or e-books.
Pro Tip: If you are flying out of any of the NYC airports, your last gasp of Wi-Fi will be from the subway. Once you get inside the terminal, you have to pay for a signal via Boingo-Boingo. And paying for Wi-Fi means one less cocktail, glass of wine, or whatever you should be spending money on while on vacation.

What To Wear On The Plane

If you look like a professional, you will be treated like one. No need for suit and tie, just something you might sport on date night w/ your SO. Save your sweats for when you go from day to play on the plane (i.e. bedtime).

Manners Matter

When checking in, PLEASE have your passport and ID ready. Take your headphones off, look your attendant in the eye and ask how they are and how their day is going. Sounds like normal behavior, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this. You will not be upgraded to business class. But what might happen is they give you a row to yourself (hi, it happened to me.) Now I will do anything to make someone’s day easier or put a smile on their face. THANK YOU.

Touching Down in LA

You will probably have some time between connecting flights. As for the LA International Airport, she fancy! Think high end mall with the occasional seating area to take a load off. Fight the urge to sit and get your power walk on. This is your one opportunity to stretch your legs before the long haul ahead.

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