Game your way into calm

Elegant. An engaging narrative. Visually stunning. A soundtrack that could have been composed by Air. Is this some new indie film starring Tilda Swinton? Not quite. We’re describing a “gaming experience” (note the quotes, we don’t know what else to call this). It is Monument Valley.

If you are stranded at the airport or just need to escape your family (it happens), this is your insta calm. This is jot your typical video game. So why is the game so relaxing?

You are tasked with guiding our heroine, Ida, through a series of visual puzzles straight out of an M. C. Escher drawing. As you walk along, you discover new ways to move around the environment. There is no ticking timer or number of colored circles to collect (We’re talking to you Two Dots). Nothing to kill. Just some chirpy black crows that keep you in line. You even befriend a bumbling yellow totem (who would be played by Ryan Gosling in the movie) who has only the best of intentions in mind.

Heads Up

You will get stuck and frustrated. There are no directions, no user manuals. Fear not, hop onto to YouTube to see board solutions and walkthroughs that will make you smack your head.

Pro tip: Do NOT hit mute. You’ll want to be wearing headphones to get the full experience. The soundtrack is THAT good. Don’t believe us? Take a listen on the Spotify playlist below.

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