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Lazy girls guide to fitness

I am the ultimate lazy person. I didn’t participate in any exercise related activity for most of my adult life. I considered myself cool and counter-culture. But then two things changed:

• The first was getting engaged a few years back. A motivator like no girl has experienced before. Hard to ignore a deadline, especially once it’s hit the letter press.

• The second was getting a 3 before my age. Dear metabolism, you still there?

I have vowed to never deny myself of any food-sperience. That means no food is off limits. Nothing is a ‘cheat meal’. There are zero food stigmas at my house. Since ice cream has a place in my heart/belly most nights of the week – it’s kinda important to seek balance. Which is where fitness comes in – something I’m trying to make part of my lifestyle now. And it aint always easy. Especially when you’ve already outed yourself as the grand master of couch riding.

We’re all different and we all have unique excuses as to why were not exercising. For me, it’s often about leaving home. If I have to get in my car to drive to the gym there’s about 101% chance I’m not going.


Aaptiv is like a gym membership that comes to you. If going out to dinner is like hitting an equinox, then Aaptiv is like delivery!

THE LOOK – Well categorized by ab workouts, 7 minute quick hits, yoga, stretching, indoor and outdoor running, maternity programs, etc. Should you have no motivation issues getting to the gym (congrats) and are just looking for inspiration to mix up your current routine – there are programs to accompany equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, stairclimbers and bikes. Each workout is labelled with green (beginner) yellow (intermediate) and red (advanced).

THE FEEL – Each program has a unique soundtrack, setting an intended mood. There are about twenty or so trainers to choose from, and like with any studio, you’ll get a feel for who’s classes you like best. The options feel aplenty – does today seem like a good day for a 37 minute ‘chill-pop-vinyasa’ or maybe just a 1 minute ‘arm and abs challenge’. Are you free at 5:30am or does 8:18pm suit your schedule better? Consider this a build-your-own fitness station.

THE COMMITTMENT – 1 week free trial. Then it jumps to $10/month. Which makes it officially the cheapest/most convenient gym I’ve ever belonged to.

Unfortunately the only thing that I can’t come up with now is an excuse to do nothing.

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