Madrid: What to Bring Home

Nothing quite says “I missed you/Thanks for holding down the fort while I was gone/ Sorry I’m not sorry I had the best time on my vacation” like a well chosen souvenir. And I’m sure as heck not talking about a shot glass or fridge magnet. Choose something that transports you back to that holiday state of mind. Here are our top take homes from Madrid:

1. Micropuzzle of El Bosco’s “El jardin de las delicious”

The puzzle fiend in your life will love a tiny tube filled with the 150 pieces that make up El Bosco’s masterpiece. Bonus points if you find the puzzle piece of the guy with flowers coming out of his rear end. 
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2. Tapas Magazine

With a cover line of “Come quickly, I am tasting the starts!” (said by Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, when he first tried champagne) you can’t go wrong. The wine issue does not disappoint. 
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3. Limon Jam from Elasun

Your morning toast will thank you. 
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4. Turron (nougat) from Casa Mira

If there is one thing that is a MUST it’s this crunchy-nutty-nougat confection. Enter this store and prepare to go back in time. While you are in there, pick up some cookies, too. 
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5. Paprika Dulce (sweet paprika) from La Flor de San Anton

Add some spice while re-creating your favorite dishes sampled on the road. 
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6. Skull Eraser

What better way to add some life to your home office kit?

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