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Otres Beach, Cambodia – Part IV

Take me to the beach! Adam’s a pretty clever guy. He knows that if he’s going to take this introvert flashpacking – there needs to be some peace and quiet at the end to recharge batteries. Even if it’s just a couple of days. The goal js to make it feel like a mini honeymoon after the chaos of wedding, travel planning and executing.


We battled with the idea of staying on the mainland in Otres Beach vs heading out to a nearby island like Koh Rong Samloem. In the end, we decided that with just two days to spend here, adding another mode of transport simply delayed our relaxation game. Otres Beach comes in two parts, the more party-centric vs the quiet. Tamu Hotel was exactly the understated luxury I was after. Practically spewing the essence of ‘barefoot luxury’. Literally did not don a pair of shoes, nor flip flops for the entire 48 hrs. Even venturing to other nearby hotels for dinner and drinks; just walk across the sand.

Sunsets were magical, ocean breeze was divine, air con was pumping in the minimally decorated room. The food had spice. The cocktails had flare. I was averaging a book/day and three naps before happy hour. I could’ve easily stayed put for another week or even six months. Happy place = found.


F off. This is not the time or place for activities. Do not disrespect me with a glass bottom boat or snorkel mask. I came here for very few things:
Eating + Drinking.
Reading + Sleeping.


All of the hotels/restaurants nearby to Tamu (all four of them?) seemed to be doing similar combinations of local Cambodian food + Western options like burgers and pasta. In my humble opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with a fresh spring roll and an umbrella cocktail…

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