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Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Part I

Touching down for the first time in most Asian cities has proven to be sensory overload for my quiet existence. I love the authenticity of this brand of hustle + bustle but soon find myself exhausted from the energy around me. I like to treat the first destination on a multi-stop journey as an opportunity to acclimate.


With just 36 rooms, the recently restored Pavillion Hotel provided just the necessary reprieve. Centrally located on Street 19, near enough to all the attractions, yet an oasis of cool and calm among the heat and tuktuk chaos. This French Colonial beauty comes equipped with two of my favourite words: ‘Adults Only’.
Other highlights: 2 inviting pools, complimentary 25 minute massage to knead your way outta jetlag, and bamboo bikes to borrow.


With less than 24 hrs in a city, it can be hard to get the lay of the land. One of our favourite time efficient ways to take in a new city is to hop on the back of a vespa someone more informed than us is controlling. This is the second time we’ve enlisted Vespa Adventures to familiarise us in a time-poor visit. We would never hire a motorbike on our own on these roads, we are keen on living long lives. And we’re not such ‘group tour’ kinda people. So when locals offer a service where we can ride around like them (minus the screamin’ orange helmet, but refer to above about living long lives) it’s an activity we’re happy to pay up for. Bonus: they send along a photographer for your journey – nice touch to get emailed a copy from your own personal paparazzi.

A GIRLS GOTTA EAT (and drink)

My favourite part of any holiday is the anticipation of, the enjoyment in the moment and later, the memory of…the meals. I often regret that there arent enough meals in the day for the eating I wish I could partake in.
Not a cheap (by local standards) entry to Cambodia – but boy did we kick off with a bang at The Tiger’s Eye. Locally sourced (an unwavering theme in Cambodian cuisine), impeccably considered and beautifully plated. This was a truly unique dining experience.

We chased dinner with several cocktails in the trendy but mellow (is this a formula made in heaven?) Bassac Lane. Intimate bars, with an emphasis on crafted cocktails and cozy ambience. Yes.


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